Running Wild (1983)

Running Wild 1983 Audio-CD
Длительность: 41:16     Качество: A--

Running Wild 1983 [Audio-CD] передник Running Wild 1983 [Audio-CD] задник

Early Demos

Intro (Demo 1981)
Warchild (Demo 1981)
Hallow The Hell (Demo 1981)
The King Of The Midnight Fire (Demo 1981)
Intro (Demo 1983)
Adrian (Son Of Satan) (Demo 1983)
Chains And Leather (Demo 1983)
Soldiers Of Hell (Live) (Demo 1983)
Instrumental (Demo 1983)
Iron Heads (Taken From “Death Metal” compilation 1984)
Bones To Ashes (Taken From “Death Metal” compilation 1984)
Walpurgis Night (Taken From “Victum Of States Power” single 1984)
Satan (Taken From “Victum Of States Power” single 1984)
(Demos ’81 & ’83 + tracks from Death Metal sampler + Walpurgis Night single)