Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian Audio-CD
Длительность: 72:37     Качество: A++

Blind Guardian  [Audio-CD] передник Blind Guardian  [Audio-CD] задник
Blind Guardian  [Audio-CD] задник

Bootleg Rarities Vol.1

Bright Eyes (Edit Version)
Imagination From The Other Side (DEMO)
A Past And Future Secret (DEMO)
Nightfall (Orchestral Version)
A Dark Passage (Instrumental Version)
Lord Of The Rings (Live Version)
Imaginations From The Other Side
The Wizard
A Past And The Future Secret (Orchestral Version)
And The Story Ends (Live Version)
Imagination From The Other Side (Live Version)
Beyound The Realms Of Death
Rare tracks (Blind Guardian Czech fan-club release)