69 Eyes, The - Live In Russia, Moscow, DK Gorbunova (2003.03.08)

69 Eyes, The Russia, Moscow, DK Gorbunova 2003.03.08 2Audio-CD
Длительность: 52:28 / 31:06     Качество: A

69 Eyes, The 2003.03.08 [Audio-CD] передник 69 Eyes, The 2003.03.08 [Audio-CD] задник

Brandon Lee

Disc 1:
Chashing High
Angel Of My Shoulder
Forever More
Gothic Girl
Velvet Touch
Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear
Stolen Season
Sleeping With Lions
Betty Blue
Still Waters Run Deep

Disc 2:
The Chair
Wasting The Dawn
Dance D’Amour
Framed In Blood
Brandon Lee

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