Deep Purple - Live In Spektrum, Oslo, Norway (1993.11.15)

Deep Purple Spektrum, Oslo, Norway 1993.11.15 2Audio-CD
Длительность:     Качество: A

Deep Purple 1993.11.15 [Audio-CD] передник Deep Purple 1993.11.15 [Audio-CD] задник

Ritchie’s Last Gig

Highway Star / Black Night / Talk About Love / A Twist In The Tale / Perfect Strangers / Difficult To Cure / Knocking At Your Back Door / Anyone’s Daughter / Child In Time / Anya / The Battle Rages On / Lazy / Space Truckin / Woman From Tokyo / Paint It Black / Hush / Speed King / Smoke On The Water
[MK7: Blackmore – Gillan – Glover – Lord – Paice]
Although the quality isn’t the best in the world, the show wasn’t that bad. Nothing special though. Ritchie vents his rage on his strat later as heard at the end of Smoke On The Water. Great stuff!