Deep Purple - Live In Denmark (1994)

Deep Purple Denmark 1994 2Audio-CD
Длительность: 74:33 / 69:08     Качество: A

Deep Purple 1994 [Audio-CD] передник Deep Purple 1994 [Audio-CD] задник

Emptiness, Eagles & Snow

Disc 1:
Speaker intro
World Tour Intro
Highway Star
Ramshackle Man
Maybe Im a Leo
Perfect strangers
Pictures of home
Keyboard solo
Knocking at your backdoor
Child in time
When a blind man cries

Disc 2:
Satch boogie
Woman From Tokyo
Paint it black
Smoke on the water
[Tracks recorded in Esbjerg Rock Festival, Denmark, 4.06.1994 ]

Anyones Daughter
The battle rages on
Space truckin
Woman from Tokyo
Paint it black
Black night
Smoke on the Water
With Leslie West (Encore)
[ Tracks recorded june 10th 1994 in Karlshamn, Sweden ]

Speed king
[Track recorded june 11th 1994 in Gцteborg, Sweden ]
[MK8: Gillan – Glover – Lord – Paice – Satriani]