Deep Purple (1996)

Deep Purple 1996 Audio-CD
Длительность: 57:46     Качество: A

Deep Purple 1996 [Audio-CD] передник Deep Purple 1996 [Audio-CD] задник

Battle of Slaves and Masters

Ramshackle Man*
A Twist In The Tale*
The Battle Rages On (Instrumental Demo)*
The Battle Rages On (Demo)*
Lick It Up*
Fire In The Basement
Fortune Teller
Jam Session #1
Jam Session #2
Jam Session #3
Slow Down Sister
King Of Dreams (Unplugged)
[* - From Tha Battle Rages On Sessions]
A compilation of demos, outtakes and jams from the rehearsals for the albums. “King of Dreams” was done live in the studio for US Radio by RG & JLT.