Deep Purple

Deep Purple Audio-CD
Длительность: 59:58     Качество: A

Deep Purple  [Audio-CD] передник Deep Purple  [Audio-CD] задник

Smoke On Your Television

Smoke On The Water – Harold Schmitt
Jon Lord Interview – Harold Schmitt
Ted The Mechanic – Harold Schmitt
[Tracks taken from Harold Schmitt Show, Germany – 18.9.96]

Intro – Big Breakfast
Smoke On The Water – Big Breakfast
Chat – Big Breakfast
Band Play Theme – Big Breakfast
Vital Statistics – Big Breakfast
Interview – Big Breakfast – RETRY
Black Night Intro – Big Breakfast
Black Night – Big Breakfast
[Tracks taken from The Big Breakfast, UK – 14.10.98 ]

Intro – Big Breakfast2
In The Kitchen – Big Breakfast2
Int – Big Breakfast2
[Tracks taken from The Big Breakfast, UK – 1.2.00 ]

Gillan and Lord Interview – Heaven And Earth RETRY Gillan and Lord Interview part2 – Heaven And Earth [Tracks taken from Heaven And Earth Show, UK – 13.2.00]
This bootleg was compiled by me, and is basically a selection of Deep Purple TV appearences and performances from 1996-2000.