Deep Purple

Deep Purple Audio-CD
Длительность: 78:45     Качество: A+

Deep Purple  [Audio-CD] передник Deep Purple  [Audio-CD] задник
Deep Purple  [Audio-CD] задник


Big Fat Spider (1967)
Here, There And Everywhere (1967)
The Way You Look Tonight (1967)
True Love is Funny That Way (1967)
You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You (1968)
[Tracks 1-5 Seem To Be an Episode 6 Stuff]

I Shall Be Released (1968) - [Performed By Boz Burell Feat. R.Blackmore, J.Lord, I.Paice, N.Simper]
Playground (1969) - [Rare DP song]
Green Bullfrog (1971) – [Performed By Green Bullfrog Project, Feat. Blackmore & Glover]
Painted Horse (1973) – [Unrealised Outtake For “Who Do We Think We Are!”]
Behind The Smile (1974) – [From Butterfly Ball Project]
Little Chak Blue (1974) – [From Butterfly Ball Project]
The Stallion (1979) – [From Nick Simper’s Fandango]
I Call, No Answer (1980) – [From Jack Green’s Solo Album “Humanesque” Feat. Blackmore]
I’m a Lover (1981) – [Frome Line-Up Album Of Graham Bonnet]
Cozmic Jazz (1984) - [Perfect Strangers Outtake]
Fire, Ice & Dinamite (1990) – [DP Song From Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Slow Down Sister (1991) – [B-side Of “Love Conquers All” Single]
The Turtle Island Shuffle (By Dick Pimple) (1996) – [Limited Edition Single Avaible Via Dpas]
Don’t Hold Your Breath (1996) – [Japanese Bonus For “Perpendicular”]
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(Feat. Dick Pimple single)