Dio (1987.09.01)

Dio 1987.09.01 Audio-CD
Длительность: 73:52     Качество: A+

Dio 1987.09.01 [Audio-CD] передник
Dio 1987.09.01 [Audio-CD] задник

Rock ‘n’ Roll Chilfdren Of The Night

Stand Up Und Shout
Dream Evil
Neon Knights
Rock ‘ n’ Roll Children
~Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
~Rock ‘n’ Roll Children
Naked In The Rain
~ Guitar Solo
I Could Have Been A Dreamer
The Last In Line (inc. Temple Of The King)
~Holy Diver
Heaven And Hell
Man On The Silver Mountain (Feat. Y. Malmsteen)
All The Fools Sailed Away
Mob Rules
Sunset Superman
Stars (With Lots Of Guest Stars!)
(Children Of The Night Benefit Show, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre)
feat. Yngwie Malmsteen

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