Gamma Ray - Live In Russia, Moscow (2006.01.27)

Gamma Ray Russia, Moscow 2006.01.27 2Audio-CD
Длительность: 60:27 / 47:19     Качество: A

Gamma Ray 2006.01.27 [Audio-CD] передник Gamma Ray 2006.01.27 [Audio-CD] задник
Gamma Ray 2006.01.27 [Audio-CD] задник

Riding The Moscow Sky

Disc 1:
Intro - Welcome
Gardens Of The Sinner
Heaven Can Wait
My Temple
Blood Religion
One With The World
Heavy Metal Universe
Drum Solo
Beyond The Black Hole
New World Order

Disc 2:
The Silence
Rebellion In Dreamland
Land Of The Free
Valley Of The Kings
Somewhere Out In Space
Ride The Sky
Future World
I Want Out
Recorded Live In Druzhba Sport Palace