Halford Audio-CD
Длительность: 67:06     Качество: A

Halford  [Audio-CD] передник Halford  [Audio-CD] задник

Resurrection BONUS DISK

Sad Wings Of Density (‘Resurrection’ Japance Edition Bonus Trask)
Hell’s Last Survivor (‘Resurrection’ Japance Edition Bonus Trask)
Twist (160%Speed) (Unrealised Remix)
Silent Screams (Unrealised Demo)
Christmas Ride (Rare Track From Fight’s Christmas Single)
Light Comes Out Of Black (R. Halford+Pantera) From Soundtrack
Nightfall (Live In Toronto 2000)
Silent Screams (Live In Toronto 2000)
Cyberworld (Live In Toronto 2000)
Stained Class (Live In Toronto 2000)
The One You Love To Hate (R.Halford+Iron Maiden+Geoff Tate)
Rapid Fire (Rob Halford + Metallica) LIVE
Glen Tipton – Himalaya (‘Baptism In Fire’ Japanse Edition Bonus Track)

+ BONUS: Light Comes Out Of Black PROMO

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