Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Audio-CD
Длительность: 54 min     Качество: A-

Iron Maiden  [Audio-CD] передник Iron Maiden  [Audio-CD] задник

High Vaultage Vol. 2

Transylvania Demoversion from 1979 with Doug Sampson On drums
Killers Reading Festival 23.8.1980. Different Lyrics
Purgatory Bruces First Gig 26.10.1980 Bologna Italy
Twilight Zone Bruces First Gig 26.10.1980 Bologna Italy
Innocent Exile Bruces First Gig 26.10.1980 Bologna Italy
Hallowed Be Thy Name Soundcheck At Ruskin Arms 23.12.1981
Rosalie Thin Lizzy Cover, Secret Concert Marquee, London 19.10.1985
Walking On Glass Dave & Adrian`s guitar solo from Somewhere On Tour. Recorded at Bristol, England on 8-Oct-86.
Beehive Boogie From Nicko`s Rythm Of The Beast released 1991
Holy Smoke Cencored US version
Bayswater Ain`t A Bad Place To Be Hidden Track At The Be Quick Or Be Dead Single
I Live My Way From The Man On The Edge 12"" Picture Disc"
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