Iron Maiden - Live In Zenith, Nancy, France (1998.04.27)

Iron Maiden Zenith, Nancy, France 1998.04.27 2Audio-CD
Длительность: 67:42 / 71:27     Качество: A-

Iron Maiden 1998.04.27 [Audio-CD] передник Iron Maiden 1998.04.27 [Audio-CD] задник
Iron Maiden 1998.04.27 [Audio-CD] задник

Virtual Lights Strikes Over France

Disc 1:
1. Futureal (S.Harris/B.Bayley)
2. The Angel And The Gambler (S.Harris)
3. Lighting Strikes Twice (D.Murray/S.Harris)
4. Man On The Edge (B.Bayley/J.Gers)
5. Heaven Can Wait (S.Harris)
6. The Clansman (S.Harris)
7. When Two Worlds Collide (D.Murray/B.Bayley/S.Harris)
8. Murders In The Rue Morgue (S.Harris)
9. 2 Minutes To Midnight (A.Smith/B.Dickinson)
10. The Educated Fool (S.Harris)
11. Don`t Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger (S.Harris)

Disc 2:
1. Hallowed Be Thy Name (S.Harris)
2. Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Harris)
3. The Evil That Men Do (A.Smith/B.Dickinson/S.Harris)
4. The Clairvoyant (S.Harris)
5. Fear Of The Dark (S.Harris)
6. Iron Maiden (S.Harris)
7. The Number Of The Beast (S.Harris)
8. The Trooper (S.Harris)
9. Sanctuary (S.Harris/P.Di`Anno/D.Murray)
10. Fortunes Of War (S.Harris) (bonus)(from show on the same venue in 1996.01.28):
11. Blood On The World`s Hands (S.Harris) (bonus)(from show on the same venue in 1996.01.28)
12. The Aftermath (S.Harris/B.Bayley/J.Gers)(bonus) (from show on the same venue in 1996.01.28)(songs 10-12 was recorded on live show 28/01/1996)

Blaze Bayley - Vocals
Steve Harris - Bass
Janick Gers - Guitar
Dave Murray - Guitar
Nicko McBrain - Drums