Metallica Audio-CD
Длительность: 75:03     Качество: A

Metallica  [Audio-CD] передник Metallica  [Audio-CD] задник

Garage Days Re-Revisited Part - 2

The Mechanics (1982)
Killing Time (1982)
Let It Loose (1982)
Sucking My Love (1982)
The Prince (1982)
Jump In The Fire (1982)
Whiplash (1983)
No Remorse (1983)
Eye Of The Beholder (Alternative Demo Version 1988)
Remember Tomorrow (Recorded Live at The “Monsters Of Rock” festival, castle Dinnington (1995.08.26) (Iron Maiden Cover)
Two By For (Recorded Live at The “Monsters Of Rock” festival)
So What (Recorded Live at The Wembley Arena In London 1993.10.25)
Am I Evil (Live at the N.E.C. In Birmingham 1993.11.05)
Helpless (Live at the N.E.C. In Birmingham 1993.11.05)

London Dungeon
Last Caress
Green Hell
Recorded Live at Chicago 1994 with Guest Vocalist Glen Danzig from The Misfits

Rapid Fire (Live in Miami 1994 With Guest Vocalist Rob Halford from Judas Priest)
Merry Fuckin’ Christmas From Metallica (1993 Promo Christmass message from James Hetfield)