Metallica Audio-CD
Длительность: 50:16     Качество: A++

Metallica  [Audio-CD]

Devil’s Mixs

One (Demo) [from 1989 – One]
Wherever I May Roam (demo) [From 1991 - Wherever I May Roam]
Mouldy (aka Hero Of The Day - early demo version) [from 1996 - Hero Of The Day]
Hero Of The Day (Outta B Sides mix) [from 1996 - Hero Of The Day]
Mama Said (edit) [From 1996 - Mama Said]
Mama Said (early demo version) [from 1996 - Mama Said]
Until It Sleeps (Herman Melville Mix) [from 1996 - Until It Sleeps]
FOBD (aka Until It Sleeps - early `writing in progress`) [from 1996 - Until It Sleeps]
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Haven`t Heard It Yet Mix) [from 1997 - The Memory Remains]
Demos 1989-1997