Ozzy Osbourne (1999)

Ozzy Osbourne 1999 Audio-CD
: 71:22     : A++

Ozzy Osbourne 1999 [Audio-CD] Ozzy Osbourne 1999 [Audio-CD]

B-Sides And Unrealised

(1) I Dont Want To Change The World
(2) Mama, Im Coming Home
(3) Desire
(4) Time After Time
(5) Wont Be Coming Home
(6) MRS J.
(Tracks 1-6 From No More Tears Demo Sessions)

(7) Voodoo Dancer
(8) Aimee
(9) Living With The Enemy
(Tracks 7-9 B-side From See You On Other Side)

(10) Dont Blame Me (B-side From Mama, Im Coming Home)
(11) The Whole Worlds Falling Down (B-side From Perry Mason)
(12) Party With The Enimals (Japance Bonustrack From No More Tears Album)
(13) No Up The B Side
(14) Slow Down (B-Side From Bark At The Moon)
(15) DonT Want To Be Your Hero (secret Track From Bible Of Ozz)
(16) The Liar (Japance Bonustrack From No Rest For The Wicked album)

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