Queensryche - Live In San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, USA (1995.05.24)

Queensryche San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, USA 1995.05.24 2Audio-CD
Длительность: 60:28 / 63:29     Качество: A

Queensryche 1995.05.24 [Audio-CD]

Saints & Sinners

Disc 1:
9.28 AM-I Am I/Damaged/ Bridge/Screaming In Digital-NM156/My Global Mind/Neue Regel/I Remember Now-Anarchy X-Revolution Calling/ Operation Mindcrime/Spreading The Disease/The Mission/I Don’t Believe In Love/My Empty Room

Disc 2:
Eyes Of A Stranger/Empire/Jet City Woman/Promised Land/Dis-Con-Nec-Ted/Lady Jane/Out Of Mind/One More Time/Silent Lucidity/Take Hold Of The Flame/Someone Else?

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