Iron Maiden (2022.01.01)

Iron Maiden 2022.01.01 1DVD
Длительность:     Видео качество: 5     Аудио качество: 5     Камера: Pro

Iron Maiden 2022.01.01 [DVD]

Maiden Digitized Vol.1

01. Elected - Bruce Dickinson & Mr. Bean (Promo Vid) [04:36]

02. Dortmunt 24-11-2003 (Overdrive, Viva Plus) [50:08]
-Can I Play with Madness
-The Trooper
-No More Lies
-Hallowed Be Thy Name
-Fear of the Dark
-Iron Maiden
-Number of the Beast
-Run to the Hills

03. Wildest Dreams (Live at Top of the Pops, BBC) [03:17]

04. Tears of the Dragon (Live at Top of the Pops, BBC) [03:00]

05. X-Factour Special (Headbanger's Ball, MTV) [26:30]

06. Most Wanted (MTV) [09:22]
(Man on the Edge and Wrathchild live)