Iron Maiden (2022.01.01)

Iron Maiden 2022.01.01 1DVD
Длительность:     Видео качество: 5     Аудио качество: 5     Камера: Pro

Iron Maiden 2022.01.01 [DVD]

Maiden Digitized Vol.2

01. Dynamo 2000, Nijmegen, Netherlands (2000)
-Ghost of the Navigator
-Interview Nicko and Steve
-Brave New World
-2 Minutes to Midnight

02. Run to the Hills (Top of the Pops, BBC, 2002)

03. RockTV On the Road Special (Italy, 2003)
-Interview Bruce
-Wrathchild (live)
-Interview Bruce
-Interview Dave and Janick
-Wildest Dreams (live)

04. Scuzz Iron Maiden Week (2004)
-Wildest Dreams (promo)
-No More Lies (promo)
-Rainmaker (promo)