Nightwish - Live In Russia, Moscow (2003.09.27)

Nightwish Russia, Moscow 2003.09.27 1DVD
Длительность: 87:01     Видео качество: 4     Аудио качество: 4+     Камера: Aud

Nightwish 2003.09.27 [DVD]

The Pharaoh Can’t Sail To Orion

Bless The Child
End Of All Hope
Come Cover Me
The Kinslayer
Dead To The World
Deep Silent Complete
Sleeping Sun
WildChild (W.A.S.P. cover)
The Pharaon Sails To Orion
She Is My Sin
Tour Crew & Band Introduction
Slaying The Dreamer
Walking In The Air
Over The Hills And Far Away
2nd encore starts
Beauty & the Beast